Flouriche is an exclusive beach and maternity wear brand, inspired by ethereal femininity. Our beautiful beach cover ups showcase the latest summer trends and silky, feminine dreaminess. Each garment is made with care and attention, with YOU in mind.

Material: French Chiffon

Lenght: S

To order, simply email the Product Code to sales@thefancy.co.za or click on the price below.

The kaftans are designed on a "one size fits all" basis within a broad range of sizing categories. The kaftans are made to accommodate various sizes and body shapes. Not all fabrics are made in every size, thereby offering customers the uniqueness factor of a niche boutique feel at discounted prices.


Sizing chart:

Small: Sizes 6 to 8

S/M: Sizes 8 to 10

M: Sizes 10 - 12

M/L: Sizes 12-14

L: Sizes 14-16

L/XL: Sizes 16 -18